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For vessels

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Phenolic foam


The phenolic foam has excellent thermal and mechanical performance. It is very light and, combined with its great strength, is extremely suitable for insulation applications in different shapes and sizes.

The foam has closed-cell structure and is therefore highly resistant to water and water vapour. Moisture resistance is another one of this materials qualities. Such resistances are ensuring the minimum possible water absorption which contributes to the perseverance of its insulation qualities and performance for a long period of exploitation. The foam is made in the shape of shells for pipe sections, as well as in the form of panels with steel facings on both sides and other types of coverings.


These excellent thermal properties are due to: 

  •  Closed-cell structure
  •  Small cell size 
  •  Low thermal conductivity gas permanently encapsulated in cells


The phenolic foam has great relationship between strength and density. It ensures up to 50% better thermal effectiveness, compared to other common insulation materials. Higher insulation density and strength are used in the production of pipe supports, air ducts, etc.


Application of phenolic foam products

They are mainly used in refrigeration and air-conditioning insulations in the temperature diapason of -180 C to +120 C.

Another type of application is the insulation of pipes, transporting cold fluids in the form of shells and supports, as well as in insulating plant and equipment for a complete production cycle.


The phenolic foam ensures a significant reduction of the carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) and in this, it is a very suitable material that complies with the international requirements for preserving the environment.




Polyurethane is one of the best and most suitable materials for insulation of vessels in the industry. It combines effective cold and heat thermal insulation and is very convenient for use in all kind of shapes, as it completely fills the empty space in which it is placed.

In order to avoid the temperature fluctuations in high as in low temperatures, the application of a suitable insulation is a must. The vessels are a main component in the process of storage of different substances, which are being used in the production in many fields of industry. In almost all of these cases, it is necessary that these substances are being kept in certain temperature limits in order to guarantee their properties and qualities. Appropriate insulation of the vessels is ensuring achieving of different goals, such as: 

  •    Reducing thermal losses
  •     Limits cooling of the substances being stored in the vessel, so they remain fluid and do not set
  •   Prevents the vessel from freezing at low temperatures
  •   Prevents overheating of the substance being stored
  •   Reduces the risk of substance ignition in cases of fire near the vessel, thanks to the installation of insulation cladding around the polyurethane insulation, made from galvanized sheet iron


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