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Reference list of projects, designed by Climatron Ltd

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1. Reconstruction of highway heat pipeline 2ô426/7 from ground to underground installation within zoned property I-622, “Trakia” residential area, Plovdiv

2. Distributive heat pipeline 2xDN350 on 16-1 – 16-1-4, “Dr. G. Stranski” str., “Gladno pole” residential area, Plovdiv

3. Distributive heat pipeline 2xDN350 on 16-1-4 (“K. Panitza” str.) to 16-2-8 (“Bogomil” str.) “Gladno pole” residential area, Plovdiv

4. Extension of heat transfer network – accession heat pipeline and substations for SPUZ “St. George”, Plovdiv

5. Reconstruction of east steam and condensing highway DN150, p = 8 bar, t = 250°C, property of TPP Pleven EAD, from ground to underground installation of columns, within zoned property IX, “East Industrial District” on the detailed development plan of Pleven, property of “Bulatt” EAD, Sofia

6. Distributive water main network for hot mineral water of Golf Club “Ibar”, Dolna Banya

7. Heat supply of residential building on 1 “Gyuro Mihaylov” str., within zoned property VII-1576, 556A, Plovdiv – subprojects, outside heat pipeline and substation

8. Complex project for reconstruction of heat supply network for educational institution ¹4 of University of Food Technologies, Plovdiv

9. Heat supply and substations for residential and municipal buildings within zoned property I-103 and II-103, 444, residential area “Kishinev”, Plovdiv

10. Heat supply from TPP “Hebros” within zoned property VIII-2265, Plovdiv

11. HVAC, power heat pipeline and substation, Higher College of Ecology – zoned property I-1300, 1310, Plovdiv

12. HVAC for kindergarten “Nevena”, zoned property III, residential area “Trakia”, A – 1, 2, 3, Plovdiv
13. Repair of a network of pre-insulated pipes (steam 8 bar, 250°C, condensate and mazut with steam satellites) between boiler and mazut reservoir, “Chelopech Mining” warehouses

14. Heat transfer connection 2DN400 from K¹ 27-28 of installation collector “Trakia” to residential buildings GUSV “Plovdiv”

15. Reconstruction of highway pipeline 2xDN500 in section K¹ V-38 to K¹ V-40A on “Chiprovtsi” bul., Rousse

16. “TPP Burgas” – for cogeneration pre-insulated heat pipelines DN400

17. National Electric Company EAD, “Water Power Plant Rhodopi group” branch-Plovdiv – pre-insulated pipeline

18. Heat supply and substation of sports and entertainment complex “Aqualand” in residential area “Trakia”, Plovdiv

19. Heat supply and substation of working hall of “Energoremont”, Plovdiv

20.  System of petroleum pipelines from flexible steel pipes with leakage control in boiler plant – “Kaufland” central warehouse, Rakovski industrial zone

21. Compressor station and installation for compressed air in “Maxcom” bicycle factory, Plovdiv

22. Aspiration system in “Televik” warehouse, Tsaratsovo

23. Heating plant “Iug” – design and installation of oil-burning boilers ¹5 and ¹6

24. Heating-cooling system in “Lozina” winery, Pomorie, zoned property I-279 of “Lozina” AD company

25. Pre-insulated heat collectors in steam farm of “Chelopech mining”

26. Connecting heat pipeline and substation for heating and district hot water installation for residential building “Slaviansko izkustvo-2”, 40 “Nish” str., Rousse

27. Connecting heat pipeline and substation for heating and district hot water installation in zoned property VIII-4406, 4409 on “Petrich” str. and “Vardar” str. and residential building on 3-5 “Iane Sandanski” str., Rousse

28. Substation of market center “Forum”, residential area “Trakia”, Plovdiv

29. Options for implementation of cogeneration systems in processing plant with consummation of cold ITD – Saedinenie

30. 291 kW portable boiler installation with oil, installed in a container for “Install Engineering” Ltd.’s needs
31. Residential complex, situated in Plovdiv, 99 “Bogomil” str., representing zoned property IV-21 for residential needs and underground parking, in accordance with “Gladno pole” development residential plan – heating, ventilation and underground parking

32. Restaurant “Aqualand” in zoned property II, on the development residential plan of “Trakia” A-10, 11, heating and ventilation system, Plovdiv

33. Heat supply and substation of entertainment complex “Aqualand” – residential area “Trakia”, Plovdiv

34. Project finance contract under the National innovation fund ¹5 IF-02-12/ 03.12.08 for “Climatron” Ltd., with topic “Improvement of energy-saving buildings and polyurethane heat insulations for pipelines, valves and apparatus”.

35. Equipment base for production of pre-insulated pipes for “Install Engineering SV” Ltd., Branipole

36. Technological project of extrusion lines for polyethylene ô630 and polypropylene ô250 – “Install Engineering SV” Ltd., Branipole

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