INSTALL ENGINEERING SV. Ltd. produces the most advanced and modern preinsulated piping systems from glassfiber polypropelene (PPR-GF и PPR-CT-GF) in Eastern Europe. We are the only company on the market which produces piping system specialized for mineral water which can transfer water up to 90oС .


With more than 20 years of proven performance, PPR pipes have been used around the world for plumbing, mechanical and industrial applications. Pipes made from glass fiber PPR do not corrode, rust, or scale. Furthermore, their lightweight components are easily joined via heat fusion for permanent, leak-free joints.


PPR-CT-GF is the newest generation polypropylene and has better mechanical properties than PPR-GF. The improved mechanical characteristics come from the crystalline structure of the raw material, giving the material the ability to perform at higher pressures and at elevated temperatures. Pipes with same wall thickness can be designed for higher pressure levels when using PPR-CT-GF. In the same sense, PPR-GF-CT pipes can perform in the same pressure levels with thinner pipe wall, higher hydraulic capacities and cost savings. These advantages allow PPR-CT-GF to increase the effectiveness and competitivenes of PP producers and to offer advantages for building designers and clients. The results are the best performing products on the market today.

The main advantage of these hot mineral water pipes over the rest of the polypropylene, polyethylene and polybutylene pipes is the low value of the linear elongation coefficient – it is 400% lower than that of other pipes and is easily positioned along the pipe route. With 400% less elongation, there is 4 times less compensators needed, thus resulting in a significant reduction in the cost of the pipe and easier installation.