Design of technical projectsDesign of technical projects

INSTALL ENGINEERING SV LTD., with its subsidiary, CLIMATRON LTD., have highly qualified personnel with long experience, members of the Chamber of Engineers in the Investment Design (CEID) with full designing capacity for complete projects, according to the different nomenclatures of the types of construction projects.

A number of specialized software products are used in the design process:

  • For strength and hydraulic dimensioning of heat transferring pipelines (non-canal and air laid);
  • For sizing and selecting substation components;
  • For calculation of heating and cooling loads of buildings;
  • For determining economically optimal thermal insulation;

All this allows for a quick and accurate design of your projects with guaranteed efficiency in the execution in terms of capital and energy costs for the working facilities.

In addition, our companies have the necessary measuring equipment, experience and know-how to quantify thermal losses through flat and cylindrical surfaces – walls, floors, ceilings, joinery of residential, administrative and industrial buildings, refrigeration rooms and installations, heat exchangers, collectors, heat accumulators, overhead and underground pipelines (heat pipes, steam lines, etc.).
On this basis, economic assessments can be made about the efficiency of thermal insulation and savings from reduced heat losses through the listed elements.

Some of the services provided:

  • Design of pipelines for mineral water
  • District heating pipelines
  • Heat exchangers and substations with heat and steam
  • Internal heating systems for residential, administrative and industrial buildings – heating, air conditioning and ventilation
  • Water heating and cooling systems, direct air evaporation systems and air conditioning chambers, radiant heating
  • Technical and economic tasks for energy efficiency
  • Compressed air systems